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The Edinburgh Alexander and Therapy Centre has been offering Alexander lessons and workshops since 1994.

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Alexander Technique Introductory Workshops 

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For Performance


Who Learns The Alexander Technique To Improve Performance

The answer is absolutely anyone. As a matter of course, it is taught at music and drama colleges to help performers prevent injuries, as well provide performances that are controlled in their freedom. Dancers also learn it, as do athletes of all calibres, including gold medal winning Olympians.

You do not have to be a Oscar winning actors like Judy Dench or Paul Newman or even Olympians like Steve Coe or Mathew Pinsent, in order to benefit. Academics have benefited with clearer thinking, teachers have improved their presence in the classroom. Just working at the computer can become easier and more productive and in a general sense, learning can become easier.

How Does The Alexander Technique Help with Improved Performance?

The secrets of great performance do not really vary across different activities when it comes to poise, balance and giving yourself time that you need rather than rushing and fluffing. Alexander Technique offers a profound practical understanding of poise and balance in all activities and is founded on the principle of eliminating the kind of elementary errors that interfere not just with poise and balance but that create negative unhelpful attitudes to learning and performance.

What you are left with is enhanced ability to lightly focus on the task in hand and an awareness of how we are using ourselves that allows our movements to be increasingly free, flexible and efficient over time. As, performers age, it helps lengthen careers through an intelligent process of adaption that enhances performance and the sensitivities that are an important in maintaining performance.

Case Study

Andres story, which you can read here, allows you read about some of the benefits that a performer has gained in relation to his instrument and more generally in his life.

I am a student of Flamenco and Jazz guitar, and I intend to earn a living out of my playing, so being able to sit and practice for hours is key for my goal. That is why I decided to take up Alexander Technique lessons; I wanted to be able to play without damaging my wrists and back.

One of the most relevant things I have learnt is to notice and release a lot of muscular tension in all the joints. That tension feels so normal and is so subtle that it is almost impossible to feel it, and so it remains there damaging the body and making movements much more difficult than necessary.