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The Edinburgh Alexander and Therapy Centre has been offering Alexander lessons and workshops since 1994.

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Becoming a better musician using Alexander Technique

Andrés uses the ALexander Technique Andrés uses the ALexander Technique

I am a student of Flamenco and Jazz guitar, and I intend to earn a living out of my playing, so being able to sit and practice for hours is key for my goal. That is why I decided to take up Alexander Technique lessons; I wanted to be able to play without damaging my wrists and back.

One of the most relevant things I have learnt is to notice and release a lot of muscular tension in all the joints. That tension feels so normal and is so subtle that it is almost impossible to feel it, and so it remains there damaging the body and making movements much more difficult than necessary.

With the Alexander Technique I learnt (and continue to learn) how to release that tension and increase the fluidity of my movements in all areas. That makes my practice time more comfortable and it improves my technique, as I'm able to move faster with less effort and risk of damage.

My migraines have almost completely disappeared. I used to have very bad headaches every now and then but, by learning how to use myself better, in particular my neck, whatever tension that was the main factor of my headaches disappeared. Also, I'm now more aware of my body, especially when I'm misusing it too much, so I'm more able to stop doing whatever I'm doing wrong.

I now see the Alexander Technique in a different way; at the beginning I saw it as a tool to prevent injuries, whereas now it has become a continuous exploration of the body (and its relation to mind). Slowly one's control of the body increases, but it is not a paranoid control-freak type of control, it is a smoother sense of direction that has to be done in consensus with the body itself.

I think the Alexander Technique is a great ally for life, and I wish it was taught in school since it has influenced me very positively.