The EAC has developed a teaching process which is tailored to the needs and abilities of each pupil. It allows the pupil to start making progress from their first contact with a teacher and is designed to give pupils the ability to continue to progress after lessons have come to an end.

For this to take place it is important that certain things happen. The first is that steady consistent progress is achieved and that a pupil learns to document it for themselves. This is done through relating the basic concepts of the Alexander Technique to the pupil’s ongoing activities and questions. This facilitates faster and more comprehensive awareness by the pupil of the effects of their habitual patterns of thought and movement and an ability to control them in ways that improve their general standard of functioning.

This is a process that starts in the very first lesson and continues in subsequent lessons until the pupil achieves the desired standard of change or skill that they are looking for. This is agreed in the first lesson and is subject to revision as a pupil progresses and their interest changes.

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